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There is a level 4 fine (currently up to £2,500) for breach of the drivers’ hours rules, and a level 5 fine (currently up to £5,000) for failing to install or use a tachograph in accordance with the rules.

Deliberate falsification of a tachograph record can result in up to 2 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine. This applies to both the driver and to anyone whose orders the driver was following.

Falsification includes:
 destruction or suppression of records and omitting relevant information from the record (e.g. failing to use a tachograph sheet or driver card for the whole of a day or concealing relevant records from an enforcement officer).
Permitting falsification of records (e.g. where an employer has not ordered the falsification of records but has not taken reasonable steps to prevent it either) can lead to a level 5 fine (currently up to £5,000).

Producing, supplying or installing products which interfere with the functioning of a tachograph or records produced by a tachograph is also an offence in its own right, which can lead to a level 5 fine (currently up to £5,000), as can providing information which would assist other people in producing such devices.

Continued or repeated infringements could result in your Operators Licence being revoked.


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