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Recording Guidelines

Record Keeping

These must be retained for 2 years including: tacho graphs, driving logs, etc

Working Week

Working week starts Monday 00:00

Working Time

Driving time (with associated activities) - is at the workstation.
Working time is not attendance or shift time. It includes the following areas:

Working Hours

Average 48 hours per week.
Must not exceed 60 hours in any single week or 10 hours in any 24 hr period if working at night.

Night Working

Between 00:00 & 04:00 for goods vehicles.
Between 01:00 & 05:00 for passenger vehicles.

Period of Availability

Waiting time whose duration is known beforehand. PoA can be taken at the workstation.

Reference Period

The period over which working time is averaged.

The number of hours worked per week should be averaged out over 17 weeks.

A Reference Period of 17 or 18 weeks can be fixed or rolling.

By collective agreement, the reference period may be extended out to 26 weeks.


Worker may not work more than an average of 48 hours per week over the reference period.

Daily Rest Time

11 consecutive hours rest in each 24 hr period.
12 hrs rest may be taken in 2 or 3 periods, the last of which must be 8 consecutive hours long.

Weekly Rest Time

45 consecutive hours rest


Record a days holiday as 8 hours and a weeks holiday (6 working days) record as 48 hours.

Sickness, Absent

Record as 8 hours

New Employees/Drivers

The Working Weeks, Day & Hours must be obtained from a new driver as this data is used to calculate the driver's average over your reference period.


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